Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Menu and Activities

This week is going to be "Eat From the Freezer" week in our hungry household. We're firmly in the "mid-month" budget crisis. I'm planning quesadillas, hamburgers, possibly chicken soup, definitely chicken alfredo, and maybe pancakes and bacon. All easy meals because this week is also going to be POOL week!  We missed the pool this past week because Katy had a nasty case of swimmer's ear. That is all cleared up - so we're going to try to go to the pool every day.  The kids are SO much easier to handle when they've gotten a) out of the house and b) some exercise.

Other big activities this week will include a trip to Michael's (yay for email coupons!) and a trip to Belk's (yay for snail mail coupons!).  We'll also hit the library one morning.  Other than that, I plan to clean the house.  Even though I saw this on Pinterest:

via Pinterest

It just HAS to be done. I've spent the weekend (well, Friday and Saturday) run down with a monster migraine. I'm hoping to get caught up a little bit at a time on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Maybe the idea of pool in the afternoon will get the kids motivated to help!

Have you got any kid-tested ways of getting them to clean up - and not whine?  How about budget-friendly meals? Headache fixers? I'm all ears! Leave your suggestions in the comments or find me on Twitter!

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