Thursday, July 7, 2011

About Me - Updated April 28, 2013

Full Name: Beth (Short for Elizabeth and that's all you're getting)
Age: 35
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Piercings: Both ears, one in each (although they seem to have closed up. Booo!)
Favorite Flower: anything I don't have to grow myself

Married: Yes, to Keith. for 15 years.
Children: Yes, 2 daughters. Erin is 12 and Katy is 10.

Tattoos: No
Heritage: Irish, German, English (mom's side, dad's side is unknown since we haven't traced back that far)
Best Personality Label: Techie

Your Fave Stuff
Song: currently Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert
TV Show:  Mythbusters, Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI (the original)
Food:  Chocolate!
Drink: Coke
Alcoholic Drink: Margaritas

This or That
McDonald’s or Burger King: McD's
Chocolate or Strawberry: Chocolate
Coke or Pepsi: either, gimme sugar and caffeine
Singing or Playing Guitar: sing, in the car only
Summer or Winter: Summer, no school/work!
Football or Basketball: Football (only for the high school/college marching bands)
Last Person Argued With: Keith (husband)
Hugged: Katy
Kissed: Erin
You Texted: Lois (BFF)
Thought About: Erin

Best: Beach!
Worst: Camping
Future: Cruise

Have You Ever
Smoked: nope
Kissed a Friend’s Guy: nope
Got Completely Drunk: maybe
Danced in the Rain: nope
Watched the Clouds Go By: all the time (at recess with my students)

Do You Believe In
Ghosts: Maybe
Witches: No.
Wizards: No.
Magic: Maybe

RnB: no
Hip Hop:  no
Rock:  depends
Indie:  no
Pop: Some.
Heavy Metal: try not to (but the husband likes it...)
Folk:  maybe
Classical: yes
Country: yes
Other: teenie-bopper stuff my kids like (that I try to ignore)

Do You
Shower Daily: Yep.
Brush Your Teeth: Yep.
Wash Your Face: Yep.
Wear Jewelry: Wedding ring

Crafter, Sewer, Tech junkie. I tend to avoid hobbies that involve hard work, although I do enjoy mowing the yard or going on a hike - ONCE in a while. :)

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