Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Library Lists: What I'm Reading Now

So my Shelfari is over in the right sidebar.  If you're into stuff like that, I highly recommend it.  I get such a kick out of reviewing and listing books I've read - not to mention stuff I'd like to read (if I can ever get my hands on it.)  Here are a few things I found (or finally got on hold!) last week at the library - I've hardly touched them!  For some reason (headaches much?) I've not read as much this week...

  • When Did I Get Like This by Amy Wilson - hilarious, this has been recommended by many online in recent days.  I'm enjoying it, but I have to read it in small doses - it makes me miss those baby days!
  • Real Leaders Don't Do PowerPoint by Christopher Witt - Since I'll be teaching 6th graders, I think I need to step away from my PPT addiction and develop my leadership/speaking skills.  I started this last night and it's kinda dry... not sure if I'll read the rest or just skim.
  • Nerds by David Anderegg, Ph.D. - Also started this last night.  Hard to describe, it is basically about nerds, geeks, why they get stereotyped, but why we need them in society. Interesting but also dry.
  • The Pioneer Woman - Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond - Next on the list to start, I read her chronicles online and of course we know how the story ends, but I'm interested to see how it got translated from blog to book.
  • Bossypants by Tina Fey - Not as "lol" as I thought it would be, I'm still enjoying reading about a strong woman who is making things work in as a professional and mother.
  • Maverick Mind by Cheri L. Florance - this is the story of a mother who is trying to keep it together with her 2 older kids and a son with strange behaviors. Slow at the beginning, it is getting better as I keep reading. I really want to know what his actual diagnosis ends up being - very interesting and makes me feel extra lucky as a parent.
I usually spend waaaaaaay too much time with trashy romance novels - escapism at its best.  I'm looking at doing a book challenge with my students in the fall and I want them to see that I'm reading a VARIETY of stuff.  And so I don't have to be embarrassed with all my "kissy books" (thanks to Katy for that.)

What are you reading?

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