Sunday, March 30, 2008

DH means what??

Today, in our house, it doesn't mean "dear husband." I'll leave today's meaning to your imagination.

Here is what went so wrong...

I've been reading about pressure cookers for some time now. Saw Alton Brown use them a couple time on "Good Eats" and thought it would be nice to have one. While at my parents' home in Atlanta for Spring Break this past week, I did some research and chatted with my parents about it. Our last night, they surprised me with a set from Fagor - really nice! It was my birthday present. I was pleased - they had listened. I hadn't been hinting they should get me one - but it sure beats an "unauthorized" gift - like the George Foreman grill collecting dust in the garage.

Anyway, DH immediately starts in on how it will fit perfectly in the garage with the George Foreman. About how it will sure be quicker... he was generally a pain in the a$$. I finally got him to shut up and told him not to worry about it.

Skip to today - I washed the set this morning and planned to use it for dinner. I planned to make everyone's favorite chicken. As dinner time approached, I got started. All went smoothly and quickly. What usually took 90 minutes only took about 30. Ended up smelling delicious - and just like my traditional version. I called that dinner was ready and started plating it up. The girls were very excited - all they cared was that it was their favorite chicken dish. DH walked in and mumbled some comment - not sure what - and so I told him not to eat it if he didn't want to. He went to sit down - I guess to keep us company. But we've been in slightly similar situations before and I knew he wouldn't be able to keep from making inflammatory, irritating, stupid comments. So I told him to just leave and not to "contaminate" the girls. He did leave - thank goodness!

The girls and I had a nice dinner. They did eventually ask where daddy was and I told them the truth - he was afraid I'd make him sick with the chicken and he didn't want to eat it from the pressure cooker. They both rolled their eyes and DD#1 said, "Well, I know it's done because it's white all the way through!"

From the mouths of babes, right?

Anyway, if any of you have a pressure cooker I'd love to hear about it. If any of you have a DH that isn't so Dear right now, I'd love to hear that too. And if you have any brilliant ideas about how to get him to eat stuff from the pressure cooker in the future - EMAIL me!!! His only saving grace is that he came in and cooked his OWN dinner after we vacated the kitchen/dining room.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Katy!

Today was spent celebrating Katy's birthday. More on that in a minute.

Thursday night was scary for us. Erin woke at 3am VERY sick. I ended up staying home with her - rare for me! Usually I'm fine leaving her with her daddy. This just felt different. It was! At a doctor's appointment on Friday morning we found out she does indeed have strep again - and also classic Croup! She has been on Zithromax and steroids all weekend and is MUCH better.

But now Katy seems to have strep. Poor girl! Her birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated today since Mondays are CRAZY around here (school, soccer, etc.) Pictures are in the sidebar of the cake. I was hoping to get pictures of the decorations and the day's festivities up - but no dice. We opened presents at 8am - followed by donuts and reading her gift books in bed. Her presents were:
  • Giant 19" stuffed orangutan
  • small orangutan
  • huge orangutan poster
  • Care Bears poster
  • 2 books about orangutans
  • a Care Bears book
  • a WonderPets gift box - with Ming-Ming and a book
Katy was thrilled. She said so many "I love it!"s and "Thank you Mommy and Daddy!"s that I ALMOST got tired of hearing it! But not quite. It was so wonderful to see my little girl so happy.

Especially since she is now acting like she is on death's door. She seems to have the strep. She came to be this afternoon around 4:30 complaining that her throat hurt. Her little cheeks were flushed and - sure enough! She had a fever of 101.5! We dosed her up and she proceeded to cough and whimper and whine all evening - in the sweetest, most pitiful way! It has been a long time since she's been truly sick - and never with a sore throat.

Time to go to bed - only 4 more days of school until Spring Break!!!!! Yahoooooooo!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

First letter fun!

Found this over at Simply Sassy. She found it at Random Nicole. Great fun!

Here is what you do. Use the 1st letter of your middle name to
answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names,
things…nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person you
took this from had the same 1st initial.

You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. Middle name letter: K

2. Famous artist/band/musician: Keith Urban

3. 4-letter word: kick

4. U.S state: Kentucky

5. Boy name: Kane

6. Girl name: Kathy

7. Animal: kangaroo

8. Something in the kitchen: knife

9. Reason for being late? kicking butt

10. Body Part? knee

11. Drink? Kool-Aid

12. Something you shout: kewl!

13. Something you eat? kiwi

A weekend at home!

We spent the weekend at home... a nice change! The last several weekends, we have been on the go.

Saturday was spent buying groceries and cleaning the house. Took 2 hours to get the place spiffed up! Gah! Today we went to Target, Keith washed clothes, and we will hang out this afternoon. I'm hoping to make some Dill Crackers. Here is the recipe.

Dill Crackers

1/4 cup oil
1 envelope ranch dressing
1 tsp dill
1/2 tsp. lemon pepper seasoning
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 16oz. package of cheese crackers

Mix all but crackers in large zipper bag. Add crackers. Toss bag to completely cover crackers. Dump into large pan (or 2) and bake at 225 degrees for 15 to 30 minutes. (All the measurements are to taste - I rarely measure them. I also buy the cheap Wal-mart brand cheese crackers. Two 12oz boxes are only a little more money than the 16oz box of Cheez-its.)

Enjoy! Store in an air tight container (I like a glass or plastic jar).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bad Bloger Beth!

So over a month has passed since I blogged. Shame on me. I vow here and now to do better. I'm currently running 3 blogs. I will post here on Sundays. I promise! I'll post on my Classroom Blog on Fridays. I'll post on my teacher blog on Wednesdays. I'll even put that into the Palm Pilot so it isn't forgotten!