Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cardboard Box Diet: Week 10 #cbdiet

This has been an exhausting week. I am so glad we have Monday off - I need a break after 4 weeks on-the-go.
  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost. I'm still holding steady. I'm anticipating *that* time and my weight keeps fluctuating. It is making me a little antsy. I want to get down below 150!
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I exercised last Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I skipped tonight (Thursday) because there was storm rolling in - which would have probably cancelled class anyway.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 7 hours on week nights and 10 hours+ on the weekends. I really must work on getting closer to 8 hours a night during the week.
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: I've snacked some this week. Exhaustion and stress will do that. But also I'm starting to track my food and I'm wondering if I'm not getting quite enough calories. I don't want my body to go into starvation mode - I won't loose any weight!
  • Success story: We've had some parents at school finally give us compliments on our hard work - we're using a text messaging program this year to help keep parents informed about their kids. Yay! for parents noticing some good things about the teachers!
  • Recipe(s): Meals continue to be better - I'm getting used to the routine and making a point to plan meals in advance. Also it is the end of the month and we're mostly eating out of the freezer.
  • Photo: New hair cut inspired some... ummm.... marital discord. The husband is very not happy with the hair cut. Which is too bad since I happen to LOVE it.
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I've also finally joined My Fitness Pal - come see me!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 9 #cbdiet

What an eventful week! I've gotten a lot of my to-do list done - and also had something exciting happen. (Picture!)
  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost! I haven't lost any weight - but I also haven't gained any back! I am watching the snacking - it has been a LOT better so I'm hoping to see progress again soon.
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I exercised last Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, and tomorrow (Thursday). I skipped tonight (Wednesday) because of a back-log of teacher stuff I had to get done.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 7 hours - I am getting a little better. I try to make sure the computer is shut down so all I can do is crawl in bed (after the kids are asleep.) Last night I was in bed just before 10!
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: I had some candy this weekend - thank goodness for the $1 snack packs. 6 little fun size bits of candy. Enough to satisfy my chocolate urge but not enough to destroy me.
  • Success story: I got a really nice email from a new teacher at our school. She commented that she's heard great things about me and can't wait to work with me this year. (Which is nice because I feel like I complain a lot and cause a lot of trouble.)
  • Recipe(s): Meals have been slightly better - more fresh or fresh frozen instead of fast frozen. The routine is getting easier.
  • Photo: Draw your own conclusions. (Everyone was FINE.)

Also, I opened an Etsy shop! I'm selling custom fabric binder covers and lanyards. I hope to expand soon to selling custom clipboards.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 8 #cbdiet

This post is late and Google Chrome is starting to make me very mad - so this will be short.
  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost! I haven't lost any weight - but I also haven't gained any back!
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I exercised last Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, and today (Thursday). I had to miss Tuesday because of PTO Open House.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 6-7 hours - I am definitely feeling like I'm not getting enough sleep. I've GOT to get the 9 year old kid to go to sleep without someone (ME!) sitting with her. I am really enjoying my weekends when I can sleep and rest and be LAZY.
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: We made chocolate cupcakes. We each had 2 and put the rest in the freezer. Unfortunately, the tub of leftover frosting somehow disappeared... *wink*
  • Success story: One of the cafeteria ladies commented on Monday that I look great. She noticed the weight loss! I did a happy dance :)
  • Recipe(s): Sorry to say the meals lately have been quick fix things and not healthy homemade entrees. Money is so tight it squeaks so we're eating out of the freezer. Which is yummy but not always diet friendly (meatball subs anyone?) Portion control is my friend.
  • Photo: The interner/Chrome is being obnoxious. I posted a few Twitpics (on Monday I think.) I'll come back and add links later. (Sorry!)
This is a pretty lame post - but I'm hanging in there! 9 days of school have kicked my butt. But I'm finding my rhythm and am feeling pretty good most days. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 7 #cbdiet

Well, I have been back officially for a week - and today is day 3 with my new students. And things haven't been THAT bad.  I'm exhausted in the evenings - but I'm always tired so I'm used to it. :)

  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost! I haven't really lost weight this week - but I didn't expect to. 
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I exercised last Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I plan to go again tonight. I had to miss Monday because of Meet the Teacher night.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 6-7-8 hours - 6 the night before the first day then close to 8 the other nights. Which is actually pretty good for me - usually the first few weeks I have trouble sleeping. :) Guess the exercise is good for something!
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: We made chocolate chip cookies tonight to celebrate the beginning of another school year.
  • Success story: I'm getting to wear all my cute new clothes! (Except my feet hurt REALLY BAD from having to wear something other than flip flops or sneakers. Boo!)
  • Recipe(s): I haven't been cooking really - too tired! That'll change as we adjust to our school schedule. My breakfasts are usually a juice and a granola bar, lunch is a big meal - half a sandwich, fruit, granola bar. Dinners are light - too much before exercising makes me feel sick. I usually have some fruit  - and then more fruit with some protein (peanut butter, yogurt) when I get home.
  • Photo: I do not have a photo to give you - I'll try to come back and edit this ASAP to get one up - I have one of me from the first day of school, I'll try to get it up!
I hope you are all having a GREAT week! Please pardon my absences - life has started back up!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 6 #cbdiet

Posting early because tomorrow (Thursday) is my first day back - officially. I've actually worked in my room on my own time for parts of 4 days - probably about 16 hours worth, all totaled.  I'm excited to get back the the regular routine - but getting up early, working all day, AND exercising at night is going to be HARD. I'm a little scared.

  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost! I have not juiced much this week because I was basically out. Yesterday was pay-day so today I got tons and tons of produce - I'm a little excited.
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed: I exercised 3 times last week and have done 2 days this week. I'll go again tonight. I'm enjoying it - although I'd enjoy it more if my bathing suits would stop wearing out. (Granted I'm wearing OLD ones because my newer one is TOO BIG. But still, I can't afford to buy new ones. Not yet.)
  • Average Sleep per night: about 7-8 hours - Getting to bed at a reasonable time will continue to be a thorn in my side.  The kids are usually in bed at 9:30 - but the 9 year old likes someone to sit upstairs - so it will be after 10pm before I'm in bed. Getting up at 6 is tough!
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: I've had a bit of candy and sweets recently. I figure it is better to have a tiny little bit when I feel the craving than to deny myself - and then feel awful when I binge. Also - I had REAL, SUGARY soda (Root Beer) and oh, my how I've missed it. Even though I wasn't a big soda drinker before. Go figure.
  • Success story: I'm calling the too big bathing suit a success story because otherwise I'll cuss it. Also, despite being hormonal this past week and being bloated, I'm down a pound and a half. (Which was a nice surprise given the splurges listed above.)
  • Recipe(s): I don't have a fresh recipe to share - mostly because I've been doing a lot of freezer diving instead of cooking. So I'll link to here (cooking) and here (juicing) to give you an idea of what I'll be doing in the next few days - now that I've bought groceries.
  • Photo: I took an updated picture of my classroom today - just for y'all! (Since this is ALL that is on my brain these days - "Must get ready for students.") The table in the corner is for my small groups. All the stuff on the counter is my stuff - teaching junk. I've weeded through the clutter and it has pulled together nicely.