Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 8 #cbdiet

This post is late and Google Chrome is starting to make me very mad - so this will be short.
  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost! I haven't lost any weight - but I also haven't gained any back!
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I exercised last Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, and today (Thursday). I had to miss Tuesday because of PTO Open House.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 6-7 hours - I am definitely feeling like I'm not getting enough sleep. I've GOT to get the 9 year old kid to go to sleep without someone (ME!) sitting with her. I am really enjoying my weekends when I can sleep and rest and be LAZY.
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: We made chocolate cupcakes. We each had 2 and put the rest in the freezer. Unfortunately, the tub of leftover frosting somehow disappeared... *wink*
  • Success story: One of the cafeteria ladies commented on Monday that I look great. She noticed the weight loss! I did a happy dance :)
  • Recipe(s): Sorry to say the meals lately have been quick fix things and not healthy homemade entrees. Money is so tight it squeaks so we're eating out of the freezer. Which is yummy but not always diet friendly (meatball subs anyone?) Portion control is my friend.
  • Photo: The interner/Chrome is being obnoxious. I posted a few Twitpics (on Monday I think.) I'll come back and add links later. (Sorry!)
This is a pretty lame post - but I'm hanging in there! 9 days of school have kicked my butt. But I'm finding my rhythm and am feeling pretty good most days. :)

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