Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crazy, Creative, CLEVER Child!

Saturday, while at a friend's house, my daughter broke out with a rash on her belly. Our first thought was "the pox" (chicken of course) even though she's been vaccinated. We're not sure, but she latched onto that idea. A few minutes before bedtime, on my bed, after applying a large dose of calamine lotion we had the following conversation:

MG: Where do chicken pox come from?

Me: A virus.

MG: Well, will they go "brawk, brawk?" (She falls over in a fit of giggles at her cleverness.)

Me: (after I stopped laughing) No, I'm pretty sure they won't.

MG: (Lifts her shirt and looks at her belly) "Brawk, bawk, brawkkkkky brawk!" (Looks at me) Nope they aren't chicken pox... but they told me to do the chicken dance!

She then stood up on my bed and proceeded to do a bed-jumping, CRAZY version of the chicken dance while she "brawk-ed" the music.

I'm still laughing! BTW - she's 5 and will start Kindergarten in August. Won't her teachers have fun with her?