Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For grins and giggles (videos of ME!)

I was at a workshop today (and again tomorrow) when I got a text message that my first class was "out of their minds." Gotta love that! So after talking to a colleague on the way home, I decided to make a video to be shown to the students tomorrow.  And I had so much fun making that one, I decided to make one praising my other 2 classes for behaving appropriately.  Enjoy the videos - and please pardon my:
  • crazy facial expressions (bug eyes anyone? and why does it look like I talk out of the corner of my mouth???)
  • slightly crooked appearance (stinky old tripod!)
  • accent
  • wild curly hair
Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for the one class and another fantastic one for the other 2!