Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Schedule aka Their Summer is Ruined so Let's Add Torture!

For inspiration:

Can you guess my Google search terms?

The last several weeks have been torture for me - I was finalizing school stuff so the kids were home with DH. Sounds good, but he lets them basically do whatever. Then they went to Gramma's house. Again, sounds good. But they were borderline terrors (for the first time, usually angels.)  Add in afternoon/evening/bedtime tantrums and almost constant bickering and I knew we were in desperate need of a schedule.

And so, here it is:

Yup, I'm rockin' the "leftover from school" pocket chart. Our schedule is color coded - teal means the item is a non-negotiable.  Pink means they have choices. I listed as many as I could think of - I'm sure after some over-reacting (along the lines of, "That's ALL WE CAN DO?!?!") we'll add as many more things as they want.  The activities are also color coded.  Purple are the choices for quiet time - Any of those can happen IN THEIR ROOMS. Which I'm sure will also lead to some over-reacting.  The orange-y Active choices can happen during the rest of the day, and the quiet ones can to.

I'm hoping this goes over well. I'm going to show it to the husband tonight. Then he and I can show it to the girls *together.*  Even though I know full well he hates schedules, maybe in the name of family peace, love, and happiness (and my sanity!) he'll go along this time.

I'm considering adding a behavior chart as well.  We used one when the girls were small and I'm thinking it would work well again.  Chart could go from Friday to following Thursday and reward/consequence would revolve around the pool.  Since we have to pay to go, it is an extra special thing this summer. I'm thinking for each spot without a mark/stamp/sticker (for every negative) 5 minutes out of the pool.  Sounds good, yes?  I might work on that next!

Leave your comments and summer scheduling suggestions below! I'm always looking for new ideas!