Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Accessories Swap!

Got into this from Erin over at the state that i am in. Very good idea. Here are my items for swapping.

This pretty scarf is brown and beige. In the past it went well with my wardrobe but it no longer does. It says, "Made in Italy" on the tag. The background is dark brown stripes of slightly opaque and transparent fabric. Beautiful!

Very cute black and silver beaded belt. Would really jazz up a "little black dress." It fit me before kid #2. *sigh* I cannot find the tape measure - must be at school. If interested, post and I'll get back to you with waist measurements. Probably fit a size 6 or 8? If you are clever, you can probably find a way to make it fit bigger sizes too.
Very cute leather belt that ties. Would fit any waist size. Has multicolored flowers all around. Love it, but not my style.
Simple little bag made of strange fabric. Has a velcro closure. Would make a great little bag for small summer outings.

Thats what I got! Leave me a comment if there is something you like!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boo Hoo

I have been very diligently keeping a reading list this year. I'm please with myself - up to now I've not left any books off the list. I enter them as soon as I get them home from the library. But the last batch - didn't do it! So I've lost about 6 titles that should be over there - and absolutely can't remember them. Waaaaaa! No real loss - they were more of the same stuff I've been reading. But I wanted a complete log. I wonder if the library has a list of books I've checked out recently... This is going to bug me! :(

On other fronts, we are making plans to:
  • Replace the kitchen cabinets and countertop
  • Work on improving the condition of the bathroom
  • FINISH the SCHOOL year - about 20 days left with kids! Yay!
  • Go to Chicago to see DH's stepmom
  • Go to the OBX for 2 weeks!!!
  • Get DH a job!
All those things will happen between now and August. I'm glad to have a good camera - I must capture all these exciting events for posterity. I must also start posting more pictures!!

Have a happy Mother's Day!!!