Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boo Hoo

I have been very diligently keeping a reading list this year. I'm please with myself - up to now I've not left any books off the list. I enter them as soon as I get them home from the library. But the last batch - didn't do it! So I've lost about 6 titles that should be over there - and absolutely can't remember them. Waaaaaa! No real loss - they were more of the same stuff I've been reading. But I wanted a complete log. I wonder if the library has a list of books I've checked out recently... This is going to bug me! :(

On other fronts, we are making plans to:
  • Replace the kitchen cabinets and countertop
  • Work on improving the condition of the bathroom
  • FINISH the SCHOOL year - about 20 days left with kids! Yay!
  • Go to Chicago to see DH's stepmom
  • Go to the OBX for 2 weeks!!!
  • Get DH a job!
All those things will happen between now and August. I'm glad to have a good camera - I must capture all these exciting events for posterity. I must also start posting more pictures!!

Have a happy Mother's Day!!!

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