Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 7 #cbdiet

Well, I have been back officially for a week - and today is day 3 with my new students. And things haven't been THAT bad.  I'm exhausted in the evenings - but I'm always tired so I'm used to it. :)

  • Weigh-in: 13.5lbs to go - 11.5lbs lost! I haven't really lost weight this week - but I didn't expect to. 
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I exercised last Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I plan to go again tonight. I had to miss Monday because of Meet the Teacher night.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 6-7-8 hours - 6 the night before the first day then close to 8 the other nights. Which is actually pretty good for me - usually the first few weeks I have trouble sleeping. :) Guess the exercise is good for something!
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: We made chocolate chip cookies tonight to celebrate the beginning of another school year.
  • Success story: I'm getting to wear all my cute new clothes! (Except my feet hurt REALLY BAD from having to wear something other than flip flops or sneakers. Boo!)
  • Recipe(s): I haven't been cooking really - too tired! That'll change as we adjust to our school schedule. My breakfasts are usually a juice and a granola bar, lunch is a big meal - half a sandwich, fruit, granola bar. Dinners are light - too much before exercising makes me feel sick. I usually have some fruit  - and then more fruit with some protein (peanut butter, yogurt) when I get home.
  • Photo: I do not have a photo to give you - I'll try to come back and edit this ASAP to get one up - I have one of me from the first day of school, I'll try to get it up!
I hope you are all having a GREAT week! Please pardon my absences - life has started back up!


  1. I'm glad you've been posting about sleep {I've been keeping up with everyone linking to the #cbdiet}. I think this week it has really hit me how lack of sleep keeps me from doing what I want to do fitness wise.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Way to go! Part of my goal is fiting back into all my cute clothes again.

  3. You blogged and hey, that's progress! I don't do well with the cooking either. I get home and am too tired! Or we are missing an ingredient, or some other crap like that! Ack, let's stick with it!!! :) You're doing AWESOME on your weight loss!

  4. Chocolate chip cookies are IMPOSSIBLE to resist. it's a scientific fact.