Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Katy!

Today was spent celebrating Katy's birthday. More on that in a minute.

Thursday night was scary for us. Erin woke at 3am VERY sick. I ended up staying home with her - rare for me! Usually I'm fine leaving her with her daddy. This just felt different. It was! At a doctor's appointment on Friday morning we found out she does indeed have strep again - and also classic Croup! She has been on Zithromax and steroids all weekend and is MUCH better.

But now Katy seems to have strep. Poor girl! Her birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated today since Mondays are CRAZY around here (school, soccer, etc.) Pictures are in the sidebar of the cake. I was hoping to get pictures of the decorations and the day's festivities up - but no dice. We opened presents at 8am - followed by donuts and reading her gift books in bed. Her presents were:
  • Giant 19" stuffed orangutan
  • small orangutan
  • huge orangutan poster
  • Care Bears poster
  • 2 books about orangutans
  • a Care Bears book
  • a WonderPets gift box - with Ming-Ming and a book
Katy was thrilled. She said so many "I love it!"s and "Thank you Mommy and Daddy!"s that I ALMOST got tired of hearing it! But not quite. It was so wonderful to see my little girl so happy.

Especially since she is now acting like she is on death's door. She seems to have the strep. She came to be this afternoon around 4:30 complaining that her throat hurt. Her little cheeks were flushed and - sure enough! She had a fever of 101.5! We dosed her up and she proceeded to cough and whimper and whine all evening - in the sweetest, most pitiful way! It has been a long time since she's been truly sick - and never with a sore throat.

Time to go to bed - only 4 more days of school until Spring Break!!!!! Yahoooooooo!

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