Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Harry Potter Night

This is a story best told in pictures. Mostly because it is 12 hours later and I still feel hot, tired, and sweaty. :)

So originally, the game was supposed to begin at 7pm.  However, one of the games from the day before was postponed due to - Thunderstorms! (Gosh, I'm tired of those!)  So today's game was billed as a "double-header" when it was actually a game and a half. First pitch was at 5, gates opened at 4.  First 1000 fans got a travel mug.  Which is why we arrived at 3:45! We got tickets and waited around for a few minutes...

 Then we made it inside.  The girls wore their costumes for about 30 minutes and then decided they were HOT.  Shortly after they removed them, a very nice man from the baseball team came and asked the girls if they'd wear the costumes later to do a special event after the 5th inning in the second game.  Of course, they were OVER THE MOON and said yes.

 Katy decided to have a picture taken with Conrad Crawdad. He had seen them in their costumes and pretended to be scared. (Erin is apparently of an age where taking pictures with mascots is not cool.)

 Then it was time to chase Conrad across the field.  Usually they do this after the game - but today, they did it between the 2 games.  There weren't many people at the first game, so the kids had less competition.

Mmmmm, a ball park dinner - hot dogs, chips, fries, and soda. Is there anything better?

Then, apparently some wizards-in-training got a little annoyed. They snuck off to the concessions area to battle it out.

This effect was a total fluke, caused by some sneaky sun. Cool!

They felt better afterwards, and deigned to have a picture taken with their Mom. Although, notice the wands at the ready?!

And now the time had arrived - the "special event" time.  What would they do?

Getting instructions. Brooms are involved? "Don't trip girls!!!"

Flirting? My girls? Well, he WAS kinda cute!

Nervous energy? Gotta talk, talk, talk!
And so, here are the clues: brooms and  baseball field.  Here is a video - Katy obviously was so excited she completely forgot what she was supposed to do!

How hilarious was that?  You can hear me say, "God bless her!" when Katy gets redirected.  She got mixed up again at the end - I think she was going to sit in the dugout and wait out the rest of the game! She did NOT want to leave the field.

So, what was their prize?
Widescreen edition of HP Year 6! Movie night!!!
And by now, the game was drawing to a close. The Crawdads won both games (woot!) and everyone was hot and tired.  But - Fireworks!! Extra special bonus, as these are usually done on Friday nights (but remember? Friday's game got rained out!)

Many thanks to the Hickory Crawdads for such a great experience! A very fun evening with great entertainment and great food.

(The Hickory Crawdads don't know who I am and couldn't care less. They didn't give us tickets, food, or anything else. I just wanted to share with you how much fun we had at their ball park. You should check them out if you're in the area!)

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