Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Library Lists

We typically go to the library at least once a week in the summer. I drive people crazy because I absolutely devour books.  I love to read.  My tastes range from juvenile fiction/nonfiction (for my daughters or students) to education related nonfiction and romance novels.  I can't list everything I read (although I did a few years ago) so I've decided to use this nifty new website to help me stay organized!

I've set up an account - one for personal/professional reading and one for my classroom library.  As I read books (mostly from my public library) I'll add them. Periodically, I'll try to remember to tell you about the best ones. You can see what I'm reading/have read recently by looking at my shelf over in the sidebar.  ------>

Another place I have discovered to get e-books from is the North Carolina Digital Library. I stumbled on this one day a few weeks ago. Our library doesn't offer any ebooks on site - and they only recently started offering audio-books that weren't on tape or cd. This is super exciting to me, as I have a back-up now in case I run out of things to read and the library is closed. (Our libraries have funky hours due to budget issues.) This hasn't been such an issue this summer, as I have more free time to go to the library. But during the school year, this has caused me some major sadness.  Also, I'm looking forward to installing the software on my computer at school - then I can download the ebooks there and use them as read alouds (there is an astounding array of books - my romance novels, juvenile fiction, semi-current nonfiction.)

I've got to wrap this post up, there is a terrible t-storm brewing! Thank goodness for wireless internet and laptops with good batteries! Have fun reading! What are you currently enjoying?

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