Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

I've not been sleeping well - probably because there are too many thoughts rattling around in my brain. I'm hoping that tonight will be better if I blog them out. Here's my brain, as a blog post!

So I spoke to my principal yesterday and it looks like I'll be changing grade levels. This is great - I'm working with a fantastic colleague again and teaching my favorite subject (do you need 3 guesses?) But I'm anxious too - after all, this is something different - a change - and I don't always handle change gracefully.  I spent some time today with that colleague and on my own working on getting organized.  I'm feeling a lot better!

I also am so happy I got Katy her ear drops!  She's had a draining ear for a week - swimmer's ear, from swimming in the lake near a friend's house.  That tubing trip of a few weeks ago came back to haunt us!  We went to the doctor on Monday and were prescribed some ear drops.  After going to Walmart to wait on the drugs (and wait and wait some more) we discovered it was going to cost us $126 AFTER insurance! Insurance was only going to pay about $7! I politely refused the drops (Walmart lady was shocked at the price and didn't blame me).  I called the doctor's office yesterday (Tuesday) morning right at 9am.  The nurse was horrified and said she'd get right on it.  So I waited a few hours and called the pharmacy at Walmart. Nothing.  Waited a while longer, nothing. Waited some more, nothing.  Called doctor again at 4:30 - she checked and said it would be called in right away.  Waited until 8:30 to call pharmacy again. Can you guess? Yup, nothing there. I was so mad!

Luckily for the doctor's office, I had an early class this morning.  I couldn't call and hassle them about the drops.  When I got home, I debated who to call - the doctor or the pharmacy.  I decided on the pharmacy - and SUCCESS! The drops had been called in this morning (Wednesday) and were ready to pick up. YAY!

So I'm feeling better - those have been two big things that have kept my mind whirling.  Now, of course, it is bedtime for the kids and Katy is up to her tricks again. She frustrates me - she got to go roller skating tonight and she got to stay up an extra half hour.  So she thanks me by acting like a brat.  Disobedient, defiant, and downright mean - hitting, name calling. It is a sure sign she's overtired.  I know I sure am! Two nights of bad sleep have worn me down.

All right, this is one long, rambling post. But maybe rambling here will help me sleep. Let's find out, shall we?

What do you do when you can't sleep?

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