Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Library Lists: Must Go Today!

So I never made it to the library last week - that means I'm working on books from about 3 weeks ago. For me, this is amazing. I usually read so fast that I can rarely go longer than 2 weeks. But I've been doing this little thing called blogging! And not just here - I've been writing daily over at my professional blog too! And I've really, REALLY enjoyed it. Even when all I do is whine. But I'm feeling kind of stagnant, so here are some topics and titles I'm hoping to read ASAP.

  • Sewing - I've finally been bitten by the "sew your own dresses" bug, especially since I can't afford to purchase ANYTHING from the neat etsy/online stores. So I'm hoping to get a few sewing/clothing books to get me started. I know how to make a straight seam on my sewing machine, that is about it.
  • Parenting - if you've read my Twitter stream recently, you know I'm going through a rough patch with Katy (8yo.)  I love her dearly, she's my soul in child form - maybe that is why we butt heads so often.  I'm at my wits end with her. I'm hoping to find some books to help me recover that "I'm a good mom" feeling when I loose my $hit (aka mind, sanity, peace, etc.) Cause I can't keep loosing it on an hourly/daily basis. Not good for anyone.
  • Professional - I learned of a great author today, Laura Robb. She's written many books geared for upper grades teachers of reading, science, and math.  I'm hoping to find a few of her books so I can bone up on some new strategies for next year.  I'd also love some books about technology stuff - any suggestions?

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - I had seen this on the NC Digital Library site a few weeks ago. And I passed on it! Now, I saw a review and book trailer at Epbot and I want to read it! Sadly, I must wait - I'm #33 out of 38 on the waiting list.
  • Just see this list from Erin at the state that i am in - she's got several on there that I've heard about.  I'll have to see if I can get lucky at the library! (Errrr, that didn't sound right... I don't mean *lucky* I mean... oh, you know!) When Did I Get Like This?, Bossypants, and Divergent all sound good.
So, what are you reading this week?  Anything good?

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