Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - 7/18

We had a pretty laid back weekend!  Friday and Saturday I had wicked headaches, so I didn't do much.  We did hit Target on Friday - Advil, Tylenol, and exercise was enough to banish Friday's headache.  Saturday we played a family game of Monopoly! The girls managed to get property sets early and Katy prevailed in the end.  Friday and Saturday were both cloudy and much cooler - I actually wore jeans to Target on Friday night.
 Sunday dawned cloudy but I held firm to the plan - POOL!  The girls needed the exercise and I needed some Vitamin D (aka sunshine!)  We even managed to bring the husband along - whoa! Mark this day on the calendar!  He usually poo-poos trips like this, preferring to stay home and play on Second Life.  We guilted him into it though, and he willingly came along. 

This is where I'd insert the great pictures I took and maybe a video of the girls coming down the slides. Except, I can't.  I completely forgot to take pictures! However, maybe you'll enjoy this picture...

Because that is what my husband and I look like. Yep. Who'd have thought you could burn that fast?  The girls are only slightly pink.  So, we're sticking with the "pool everyday" plan for the remainder of the week, but everyone will get SLATHERED in sunscreen before leaving the house - and I'll be sitting in the shade until at least Wednesday.

Overall, a good weekend.  Would've been great if not for the headaches (and a few minor meltdowns from Katy!)  What did you do this weekend?

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