Saturday, May 5, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 4

Today was super busy. We do big shopping trips at the beginning of each month and today was the day! Since I juiced last night, I was prepared with breakfast and lunch ready in the fridge.

This was my haul of produce after hitting Sam's Club and Wal-Mart. My best friend and I split the produce bill so this all cost me about $25.

Here was our set up.
Juicing on the table. This is to the far right of the picture above.

"Bottling" on the dryer which is on the other side of a wall from the juicer.
We made 5 juices.

  1. Tomato-Cucumber-Onion-Lime: My friend was able to doctor the last batch of tomato juice to her liking, so we finished off the tomatoes. We channeled "salsa" flavors. She's optimistic that this will be really good.
  2. Orange-Grapefruit: 3 oranges and 3 grapefruits, this turned out to be a really nice, mellow juice. The grapefruits were just barely tart. This was my afternoon snack juice.
  3. Mixed Berry: strawberries, red grapes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, 3 red apples. This was awesome - but it was a bit thick straight out of the blender. So we added apples and it made it absolutely wonderful. We made a big batch ALL for ME. Yummmmm
  4. Green Machine: spinach and green apples, this is becoming a standard. I am almost ready to try adding some other things. And I'm out of apples so the next batch might have pears. I am wondering how that will work.
  5. Pineapple-Orange: huge pineapple, 2 oranges, This made a HUGE amount of juice. We made 2 batches, one for my friend and one for me. This is such a smooth, sweet juice. (I may juice a few carrots to add to mine tomorrow - I'm feeling like I'm ignoring the veggies.)
It was SO MUCH FUN juicing with another person. To have someone there to taste test with me made all the difference. I tend to doubt myself - and talk myself into believing that something is acceptable when it really isn't.

Tomorrow will be a cooking day - so I'm really glad I have juices ready to go in the fridge. I'm hoping I'll be less likely to snack on my cooking results if I can sip juice!

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