Thursday, May 3, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 2

So the juices I made last night for today were AWESOME. My favorite was pineapple-orange. But the apple-carrot-pineapple was also awesome. The carrot-pineapple was a bit much - ended up adding it to the apple-carrot-pineapple. Overall, a very successful day!

I made three juices tonight. One is for a friend - tomato-basil-cucumber. I'll try it - but I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. The second juice was a mixed berry-fruit juice. It ended up with a bunch of red grapes, blueberries (formerly frozen), strawberries, and 2 red apples. It is excellent! (Are you seeing my preference for the sweet, fruity juices?!)

My third juice was a bit of a gamble. I know the benefits of green juices - but you have to put GREEN things in (and I do not like most GREEN things.) An ever popular choice is kale - but I'd heard it has very strong flavors. So I skipped it - and went for some baby spinach. I did a spinach and green apple juice - that is surprisingly good! I had a couple little shots (for lack of a better word) before bottling it up for tomorrow. It was almost sweet, a bit tart, and quite refreshing (although that sounds cliche`.)

So hopefully tomorrow's juices will work out well! I am planning a big shopping trip this weekend (it is the beginning of the month, after all!) Pineapple and oranges are at the top of the list!

As a side note: I know it is better to drink the juice immediately after juicing - and this summer (and weekends for now) that is what I plan to do. But with my busy life right now, juicing the night before is the best I can do.

How have you fit juicing into your life? What is your favorite recipe for greens (specifically spinach!)

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