Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 15

Life got in the way of Days 12, 13, and 14. This week at school (work) we are administering the End of Grade tests (EOGs) in grades 3 through 6 in both reading and math. This is a LOT of work and stress, making sure we're doing what we need to do to uphold the Testing Code of Ethics. (oy.) Add to that, the best friend and juicing buddy was moving (she's closer now! yay!) and the allergies/cold from hell. So the juicing got put on hold for a few days.

But, I found some grapes in the fridge and some energy and juiced today! A grape-mixed berry for breakfast and the Green Goddess version 2.0. This batch of spinach wasn't as sweet and I was short on green apples (stinking kids! they've been eating my stash!) So I added 2 red apples and 3 pears. It still wasn't quite right so I added the juice of a lime. It now tastes pretty good! You don't really get "lime" from it - it is just a bright flavor from the acid I guess. Hopefully it will still taste pretty delicious at lunch tomorrow and Friday!

I am hoping the stress will ease off after next week. We get testing scores tomorrow evening. Then I'll remediate the students who did not pass and retest them next Wednesday. Then I can be done with it. At that point, I'll probably go on a more "strict" juice diet - maybe juice for all 3 meals. We'll see!

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