Saturday, May 12, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 11

I had berry juice for breakfast and a berry juice-banana smoothie for lunch. I had a reasonable dinner and an apple for an evening snack.

I feel like I'm fighting a cold - sore throat, super congested, very tired. I made a hot lemon drink last night that helped some. And I also took a 3 hour nap today :) I'm hoping to get about 12 hours of sleep tonight - lots of rest tends to help me bounce back faster.

I made a trek to the store tonight to get apples, spinach, strawberries, and angel food cake. I'll juice grapes and berries for breakfast tomorrow and Monday. I'll do Green Goddess (spinach and green apples) for lunches tomorrow and Monday.  For Mother's Day tomorrow, we'll have strawberry shortcake instead of a heavy, super sweet cake.

Happy Mother's Day to all (and to all a good night!) {Yes, I know I'm mixing my holidays. It's fun!}

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