Friday, May 4, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 3

The juices that were made last night were 2/3 successful. The berry-grape-apple juice was wonderful! I enjoyed it for breakfast and as dessert at lunch.  And surprisingly, the spinach-green apple juice was great too! I had also made a tomato-cucumber-basil juice for a friend. She said it needed doctoring. She took it home after work today. She said she was going to think "Bloody Mary" as she worked to make it better. If that works, we plan to make a bigger batch this weekend.

I haven't made fresh juice today. I will be shopping this weekend and will be juicing as needed.  I did really well today - juice for breakfast, morning snack, and lunch. Reasonable dinner and NO SNACKING!  If we go shopping tonight (kids want to go out) then I may make a fruit juice tonight to have for breakfast (and possibly a midnight snack!)

I'm thrilled that I'm finding things that taste great. I'm also thrilled that I seem to be conquering the urge to constantly be snacking (chewing) when doing things like watching TV or reading a book. Now if the scale will react I'd be super thrilled! (Seriously, I want to see some results on the scale soon. I feel my patience wavering.)

Updated: The kids were antsy and the house was hot so we went out to the Wild-Mart (you know how it is on a Friday night!) I scooped up some green apples. When we came home I went ahead and juiced strawberries and the last of the grapes for breakfast (and a little snack now!) I also juiced some spinach and green apples so my lunch is ready. No excuses! I'm excited to do my first weekend day of juicing!

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