Friday, May 11, 2012

Juicing Journey: Day 10

I had an incredibly busy day - and not even at work! My 11 year old had a birthday sleepover to attend tonight so after school we had to run get a gift.  Then I hit the doctor's office to get shot records, the post office, the library, and a Redbox to get a movie for the 9 year old and me to watch.  Then it was pack up the older kid, drive her across the county, and swing by McDonald's to get dinner. Whew!

I did have juice for breakfast and lunch. I'll be juicing tomorrow as well (after an early morning pick up from the sleepover!) I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend at home - it is Mother's Day on Sunday after all!

I treated myself (and the 9 year old) to chocolate chip cookies tonight. I also enjoyed a big glass of milk. I was up sick in the middle of the night again and am wondering if the same thing will happen again tonight. I'm hating it but I'm about ready to point the finger at milk.  Could it also be the cause of my hives?  I might have to do a trial of a dairy free life and also come off my meds. That whole experiment will have to wait until AFTER testing this week! I can't afford to be itchy and miserable while administering the EOG's!

Have a GREAT weekend - and Happy Mother's Day!

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