Thursday, November 6, 2008


I love left-over Halloween candy. My girls have picked through it and gotten out the few things they like - and the rest is mine! *evil cackle*

Anyway, I promised a picture and a funny story, so here ya go. I'm tolerating my slow computer to be able to do this, so you HAVE to read it and laugh. :)

One day, in August, MG was playing outside. All of a sudden, she came into the house hollering for me. I came running, asking what was wrong. All she said was, "Come see, in my garden!"

I grabbed the camera (because, hey, you never know!) and this is what we saw:

I have other, even more impressive pictures of it. It/They was/were perched on the back of a droopy sunflower. They were really quite large - the sun flower was the size of a lunch plate and the bugs were easily the size of my index finger. MG was fascinated of course. To this day, we don't know what they are!

Other than evil and nasty looking! *shudder*

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