Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An accident

MG had an accidental injury at school today. She was playing in another room after school and pinched her thumb in the window. Yeoch! She cried buckets and was very pitiful. Luckily, after examination at home, we determined that amputation is not necessary. (Family joke.) She required a bandage and some "Yummy orange medicine!" (aka ibuprofen) She just told me her thumb is "Great!" I'm so glad. There is blood under the nail but it should resolve on its own.

No other excitement around here today. Just waiting on the next person to get sick. We've all been well for about a week now. Should have someone run a fever any day now. :)

Must go enter grades into the online pain in the butt system. Must eat some chocolate too :)

Happy Thursday!!

Only a few more days until I start posting about our cruise! Here is another photo to whet your appetite!

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