Monday, November 17, 2008

Cruise Journal: Day 4: Monday, September 29, 2008

Today was a day at sea. Keith rose early again. The girls and I slept in until about 8:00. We had breakfast and wandered the ship. The girls talked about going to the kids club. But when we stood there to drop them off, they changed their minds. (Erin!) The girls decided they wanted to play in the pool, so they changed and went to play. I wandered around the ship a while (secretly ordered Keith a birthday cake!) and when I came back, the girls were going down the water slide! Wow!!!

The slide was very twisty and ends in a little splash zone, not a big pool. Sweet! :)

They loved it and did it until it was time to get cleaned up for lunch. I sat in the Old Glory atrium and read my book for an hour or so. Then I went to the port talk on St. Thomas to hear about immigration. We met back up for lunch. I had a piece of chicken and some bread. Keith had pasta with meatballs, Erin had a chicken finger, and Katy had pizza! Erin had a burger but decided not to eat it. I decided to pass on the scrapbooking class and we headed back to the cabin for a rest. After a bit of silliness, we declared a quiet contest. Erin promptly fell asleep. Katy and I decided to head up on deck to relax up there. She drew pictures and I read my book. Just as she was getting bored, Keith and Erin showed up. We got a snack and the girls asked that we go play in the water again. As we were heading back to the cabin, Katy got upset that the music was so loud on Lido deck. Keith took her and Erin to a different elevator, and I didn’t realize it until too late. I wandered around looking for them, and then just headed back to the cabin. I changed into my suit and was writing them a note when they showed up. Erin and I headed up to the 9 Aft pool. I read and Erin swam while Katy and Keith had a snuggle on the bed. They showed up after while and the girls played. Eventually, Keith went to see if the loud music was over. It was, so we headed back toward the water slide. I read more and got some sun while the girls went round and round on the slide. They must have done it 60 times. Katy was so tired! Erin reminded me that I promised to go on the slide too. I did! It was great fun, but I was worried about falling out of my 2 piece bathing suit! Keith went too, several times! I left to shower in the room, in peace. I also cleaned up. The room was a disaster! I think we have places for everything now. The kids and Keith came in right at 5pm. They showered and we departed for dinner. While in the pool and slide, Erin made a friend who spent the day at the kids club. The girls wanted to go there for dinner. We dropped them off at 6 and then went to a nice dinner, with adults only! What a treat. We worried the whole time though, wondering if they were going to show up crying LOL! Dinner was great. Keith had a Caesar salad and the Jerk Pork Loin. I had the chicken breast again. We passed on dessert. We immediately went to check on the girls. Katy was ready to leave, Erin wanted to stay! What a switch. We took Katy for a potty break and some ice cream. It tasted funny though. She was fading so Katy and Keith went to the cabin. I found and tossed our pictures in the gallery. Then I got us tickets for Paradise Point in St. Thomas tomorrow. I dropped those off at the cabin, then went to get Erin. Katy was already tucked in bed at this point. We got back and the girls and Keith watched cartoons for a while and I read my book. Then, at 8:24 there was a knock on the door. Keith’s cake!

It was tasty – but wasn’t just vanilla cake. It has strawberry layers too. The girls didn’t like that of course. But Keith seemed to and I thought it was pretty tasty. Almost immediately, Katy fell asleep – by about 8:45 or so. Erin revealed a large sore on the inside crease of her thigh. It was extremely painful and I concocted a bandage for it. It came from the rubbing of the life jacket. Before 9pm, everyone was asleep, except for me. I am writing our journal and then going on deck to read. I can’t go to bed this early! Ahhhhh, this is the life!

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