Friday, November 21, 2008

Cruise Journal: Day 8: Friday, October 3, 2008

I woke up just before 8am. Keith woke shortly after. Katy did too. We snuggled and talked. Keith got up and dressed to go get coffee. Erin woke up finally. We agreed (ha!) to come up to Keith in the Red Sail. I finally got the girls up and dressed. Katy took her medicine wonderfully – a nice treat after the previous night. We breakfasted on the usual and dumped the kids in their club at 9:05.

Keith and I shopped, sat in Deck 5, and sat at the back of Deck 9. The weather was turning rainy. We got the girls and went to lunch.

I had a burger, the girls had nuggets, and Keith had Spaghetti Zia Teresa (spaghetti with mushrooms and meatballs.) I had a delicious chocolate cake and everyone else had ice cream. While enjoying our lunch, we saw many lightning flashes and bolts. Very cool.

After lunch we checked the water slide but it was closed – bad weather. We went to the cabin for a rest. Katy refused to be silent but did manage about 20 minutes of fairly quiet resting. Then we took the girls shopping. Both girls picked out t-shirts and glass fish. Erin got herself a fanny pack.

We took them back to the kids club at 2:00. Then we returned to the cabin to begin packing. We picked them up at 3:30 to get ready for the Talent Show!

Erin got nervous and Katy basically did a solo. Erin did perform her song though! I was so proud.

**It has taken over an 2 hours to upload the video of Katy. I've given up for today. Better luck tomorrow.**

After the show the girls and Keith went to the pool. I showered and dressed. The kids showered and dressed too. They went to the kids club for dinner again. Keith and I enjoyed a peaceful last supper. J I had Mango Cream spiced with Ginger and then a Prime Rib. I also indulged in 2 chocolate melting cakes. Keith had the Caesar salad, the salmon, and 2 dishes of strawberry ice cream. After dinner, we went to the musical show. It was ok – 50s and 60s music. Not in the main lounge and not so loud. Then we went to the room and changed. Then we finished packing and put the bags out.

We went to have a snack and write a PAPER copy of the journal. The laptop was already packed. We got the girls around 10:00 and went to bed! We had a very enjoyable time on the Carnival Glory! We hope to be back soon.

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