Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cruise Journal: Day 3: Sunday, September 28, 2008

Keith got up early and had some coffees on deck. He saw a water spout and a magnificent rainbow. It rained some too. The girls and I got up by 7:30. We had breakfast and prepared to debark. We were off the ship by 9am.

We wandered Nassau for a while – about 1000% humidity and finally started to rain. We planned to walk to Fort Charlotte.

But after some meltdowns by Katy, we gave up. We did go through the Straw Market – were hoping to get out of the rain but the roof leaked. Oh well. Saw lots of neat crafts and it drove Erin crazy – she wanted to buy some junk so bad!! We headed back toward Fort Charlotte, but gave up and took a taxi to Fort Fincastle, the Water Tower, and the Queen’s Staircase. The taxi driver was very nice. The pink buildings here are government, green are police. We really enjoyed the Fort. The Water Tower was closed for renovations 4 years ago.

The Queen’s Staircase was amazing. It was carved out of a solid chunk of rock. There was a water fall too. Katy bought a snow globe near the fort. Erin found owl necklaces. I bought 2 – one for each of their teachers. It was very cute, and is our school mascot. We came back to the boat after that. Erin bought 3 bookmarks in the Festival Place area. She gave one to Katy.

We changed and cooled off. We got a drink on deck and went to a sit down lunch. I had a cheeseburger and Keith had a Philly cheese steak. Erin had nuggets and Katy had 2 pizzas. We all had ice cream for dessert. In the afternoon, we played in the pools. I saw a lady trip and fall. Ouch. One must remember to watch out for those thresholds. We were afraid of getting sun burned so we came back and everyone showered. After we were refreshed, we did some shopping. The girls got postcards. We also located all (?) our pictures from the last 2 days and bought 2. We tried to have a lay-down, but Katy was a pain. I left and went to find some peace and quiet. When I came back, I told everyone about the cool area on the 3rd deck. We went for a walk – but Katy ran! Then it was time for some fancy clothes. We got all dolled up and had some portraits made.

Then we tried to meet the Capitan, but he was gone. We had a very nice dinner. I had the Strawberry Bisque and a Chicken Breast with a baked potato. Keith had stuffed mushrooms and a Chile Relleno, but he was disappointed. Erin and Katy had nuggets and pizza – AGAIN! After dinner, we DID get to meet the Captain. Then we walked a bit and decided to drop some things off in the room before going to the show. After changing seats, we settled in. The show was colorful and interesting, but TOO LOUD!!!! Why do they think that loud equals good? I may have to fill out a comment card about that!! Keith and Katy left early. I stayed a few more minutes with Erin before we left early too. After changing clothes, we sat on deck. Then we went for a walk. Katy and Erin started a game of chess. Keith ended up playing for Erin. I helped Katy some. I got tired of waiting and came back to the cabin with Erin at 9:45. We journaled and got ready for bed. Keith and Katy showed up as we finished. Keith beat Katy but she gave it a good try! All in all today was a great, awesome, fabulous day!

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