Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cruise Journal: Day 7: Thursday, October 02, 2008

**I had an AWFUL afternoon at school. I am just devastated by events there. I'm posting the journal but do not have the emotional energy to post pictures at this time. I'll edit this weekend and post them. Sorry for more wordy stuff and no pretty pictures!**

Today was our 2nd day at sea. Keith and I woke up just before 8am. Katy woke up while we lay in bed talking. Keith got up and dressed to get some coffees. I thought he would be back after 2 coffees. He didn’t return for over an hour! What we had was a failure to communicate. Oh, well. Erin woke up while Katy and I had a snuggle. Both the girls played and I read my book and got ready for the day. We discussed whether the girls would go to the kids club. The verdict was YES when they heard about the talent show.

After breakfast (the usual), we dropped the girls off in the kids club at 10:00 or so. Keith sat in the shade and I sat in the sun. At one point, I went to peek at the girls. They were fine. Later, Keith checked the time and swore it was 11:30. I went to get the kids but it was only 11:00! I let them stay and went back at 11:40. After picking up the girls, we went and changed clothes. We went for lunch in the dining room. Keith and I had fish and chips. It was ok. The girls had pizza and nuggets. They had ice cream for dessert and I had lemon mousse. It was strange but good. After lunch we went to the cabin. I read while Keith rested. Katy and Erin wrote in their journals and did cursive. They started to fuss about 1:30, so I made them clean up and lay down. We rested until 1:45. Then I got up and took the girls back to the kids club. They love it there. I did some window shopping for souvenirs and then went back to the room. Keith and I had a little “Mommy-Daddy” time. *wink* We went for drinks and snacks before getting the girls.

We spied on Erin through the window into the White Heat Disco. She was having a blast! We signed her out and then got Katy. They changed into bathing suits and went to play on the water slide. Erin slipped and bumped her head, and that was it for her. I brought her back to the cabin and showered her. By the time she got out, Keith and Katy were back. They showered and dressed, then it was my turn. Keith can’t remember to keep the shower curtain pulled around and the bathroom flooded. He also used the last clean towel. Lovely. I got to use a giant beach towel. We dressed and I hunted up my purse and the invitations to the reception. We left the cabin at 5:14. We enjoyed the reception. I had a Melon Ball drink that was quite tasty. Katy insisted on dancing on the stage. I took her for part of a song. Then, Katy and Erin talked Keith into going up. We each danced the girls, then danced together. It was cute and fun. {The next day a lady stopped me in the elevator and commented that she was so glad to see us dancing with the girls. She said it made her miss her mother and father. She complimented us on being so brave and making such good memories for them.} We listened to a spiel about how Carnival appreciates us. Then we went to dinner.

Service seemed slow, but we still got out at the regular time. I had the Chilled Creamy Bing Cherry Soup, Chateaubriand, and Baked Alaska. The girls had nuggets and vanilla ice cream. Keith had the salmon again with a Caesar salad and baked potato. My food was just delicious. Just have to remember how to cut that meat so it is nice and tender. Yum! After dinner, we returned to the room to change. Then we went to play Monopoly. Keith went out first, then me. The girls continued for a while. Eventually, Katy would have won, but they called it a draw. We returned to the room at 9:20. Our towel animal was a cute little bunny. We snacked and went to bed around 10:00pm. We had meant to go on the galley tour today. It was at 10:45 – but we missed it. Then, we found out that it had been cancelled. Oh well. A good day at sea!

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