Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 5

This was a good week. I'm enjoying the last of my time off. I officially go back to work next Thursday but will be spending time there all next week (to get used to getting up EARLY again. Hold me.)

  • Weigh-in: 15lbs to go - 10lbs lost! I weighed on Sunday maybe(can't remember) and noticed a 3lb drop. The another pound went this afternoon. I'm at a new low for me!
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed: Exercise on Monday and Wednesday. Missed Tuesday due to storms. Planning to go today. Also worked (slaved) in my classroom for a total of 5hrs on Monday/Tuesday - lots of physical stuff so I'm calling it exercise.
  • Average Sleep per night: about 8-9 hours - I had one night that was short and a few nights with a bed-hogging 9 year old - so those weren't quality sleep nights.  But one night I got 10 hours and yesterday I took an almost-2 hour nap! :)
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: I'm enjoying dinner daily and sometimes lunch too. Mostly because I'm trying to make the juice in the freezer LAST until pay-day. I'm allowing myself little splurges too - as long as I control the portions. I'll have to clamp down on that when I go back to school because I tend to eat my stress.
This was a dinner. Lactose free chocolate milk, pineapple-orange-grapefruit juice, apple,
and granola-peanut butter-raisin  dip. I gave the pizza to the kids. I was scared of it making me sick.
  • Success story: I gave in and went to the bags in the closet - and came up with 5 pairs of shorts that fit! I'm over the moon. I was so worried that they would be too snug and I'd have nothing to wear.  Also at school on Tuesday, a teacher friend I don't see often commented on my weight loss!!! *happy dance*
  • Recipe(s): Today I'm sharing a portion control tip. The kids were itching for brownies on Monday night. I decided to cater to that - but I made the brownies in a muffin pan. 1 standard box made 12 generous "cupcakes" but I could have made them smaller (and made more) pretty easily.  I also could have used my mini-muffin pan (if I could have found it.)  This worked well. The brownies would have been super easy to stick in a baggie in the freezer - I might have to do that in the future.
  • Photo: I'm leaving you with a silly picture of my girls. They had their bathing suits on and were goofing around in my classroom on Monday. (We went straight from school to the POOL. Awesome.)


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! That is awesome!! Having someone else notice is the best feeling, too :) Thanks for the brownie tip!

  2. Way to go! That granola-peanut butter-raisin dip sounds intriguing.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!

    What a great feeling to have the shorts fit and to have someone notice and comment on your weight loss.

  4. Catching up on posts from when I was on vacation

    I think it's a great idea you are mixing real food in and being careful so you don't get sick. You're on the right road! Great job!