Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 3

Here we are, another week gone! I spent Friday-Wednesday in Atlanta visiting my parents, so this week will be a bit different.

  • Weigh-in: 19lbs to go - 6lbs lost! I only lost 1lb this week - I was not exercising and was eating solid food for dinner daily.
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed: Last Friday - water exercise for 60 minutes. Lots of walking while shopping :)
  • Average Sleep per night: about 7 hours - and it really wasn't quality sleep. The beds at my parents' house are waaaay too hard for my liking. I'm happy to say I slept from 1am to 10:45am in my soft comfy bed at home last night! :)
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: Dinners with the whole crew while on vacation. Brownies, banana bread, Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Brownie & Oat bars.
  • Success story: Shopping for clothes - being able to come down a size in some things, being able to buy shorts that are slightly tight now - and know that in a few weeks they'll fit perfectly. Being able to put away a few of the pairs of shorts that have gotten ridiculously loose in the last few weeks!
  • Recipe(s): I did very little cooking. My wonderful mom did it all. I mixed up a box of brownies one night. And made banana bread (from here) another night - it was ok, but not great. My plan of freezing my juices worked FANTASTICALLY and I'll be doing that when school starts up again (in 3 weeks!)
  • Photo: Here are pictures of a few of the new outfits I've gotten. I'm really excited for school to start so I can wear them!

Came from an Atlanta-area Goodwill. Was new with the tags! It has spaghetti straps which is why I'm wearing the white shrug. Has wonderful flower details at the hem. (I'll try to get a better picture when I wear it for the first time.) Not sure about shoes for this, I've got several options.

This is my favorite! AND - it is a MEDIUM!!!! Which I haven't worn in FOREVER. The black band under the bust ties into a bow at the back. Very comfy. I'll wear it with my black ballet flats. This also came from an Atlanta-area Goodwill store.

I bought this a few weeks ago at a local Goodwill. I adore it because of the ruffles and because it has POCKETS! So rare on a cute dress.
I got some amazing tops and a few pairs of shorts too. I'll get pics of those as I wear them.  I know we aren't supposed to get "new" clothes on the diet - but it is tradition when I go visit my parents. Their Goodwill stores are amazing (a benefit of living near a major metro area, I guess) and we always find great items.  The only things I really need now are new socks and a new pair of sneakers for school. (Which we won't think about starting in 3 weeks!)

I hope everyone had a great week! I'm excited to get back to 3 juices a day and 4 days a week of exercising. Vacation is fun but I love my routines :)


  1. That's good to know about freezing your juices! I love juicing, but it's soooooo time consuming day after day. It'd be great if I could set up a few days worth in the freezer at a time. I'll have to try that out!

    Congrats on your #cbdiet victories!

  2. Stopping by from LFT. Way to go this week! I love the dresses. Isn't nice when you feel good in what you wear? Hope you have a great week!

  3. Congrats on your progress! A pound down is still a pound down ;) And the clothes are super cute! I definitely need to get out and investigate our Goodwills here.

  4. Cute dresses! And great job on dropping sizes!