Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cardboard Box Diet: Week 4

I've dug myself a hole this week. A rather large one. (More on that in the pictures part.)

  • Weigh-in: 19lbs to go - 6lbs lost! Same as last week. {Side note - back in May I weighed myself on the school scale and was the heaviest I've ever been. Today on my school trip, I weighed again (in almost the same clothes) and I'm 11.5 pounds lighter! Seeing that is REAL motivation that even though I've had a rough few weeks, I'm better off NOW than I was THEN.}
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed: Last Thursday, water exercise. Tuesday of this week, water exercise. Today, water exercise. (Barring any pop-up thunderstorms - the YMCA closes the INDOOR pool. Crazy. Never heard of such a thing.)
  • Average Sleep per night: about 8-9 hours - I am so so so happy to be home and in my own bed again. I've had a few rough nights but I'm treasuring sleeping in while I can.  (My grade level team is meeting at school at least 2 days next week. Time to start getting up early-ish.)
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: Too many to name - most recently a box of Junior Mints and a Diet Sierra Mist when I took the kids to see The Hunger Games yesterday.
  • Success story: MANY of my pairs of shorts are obscenely too big. I might try some old pairs on this weekend - or I might take in the waist of the pairs I've got now. Can't decide. (Related to this - wouldn't it be FANTASTIC if they put adjustable waistbands in adult clothes too?? That would totally solve this problem - and if you bloat a big, NBD, let it out! Someone get on this!)
  • Recipe(s): I am still juicing for the most part. I've started eating some meals (or parts of meals) focusing on the veggies. I simply miss the act of chewing (and the SOCIAL part of preparing and eating food together.) I'm trying to make good choices and focus on PORTION CONTROL. Also, I was finally able to find some mason jars for the freezer - so I made a HUGE batch of breakfast juice and a smallish batch of lunch juice. See the pictures below.
  • Photo: Here are some pictures from my week. If you follow me on Twitter, I've been telling about my adventures in rearranging almost the entire downstairs of my house. Here's what I've done (and the MESS that is left behind. OMG, What have I DONE?!?!?!)
Our new entryway! This antique wardrobe is a family piece. It used to be in the living room (where 11 year old's computer is now.) I'm excited to use it here - shelves inside for stuff - but it is HIDDEN!!! YAY!

This table (minus the pics) used to be our entryway table. In theory, the kids' book bags were supposed to go on the shelf. Never happened. Putting in hooks for them now. Not sure if this will stay here or not but it works for now.

This is across the "library" from the white table above. 11 year old kid had her computer where the white table is. This empty space is where 9 year old kid had her computer.

Better shot of the "library" (named for the beautiful build in bookcases. The TV and couch are also leaving. This room will have a small TV (location TBD), my rocking chair (above, hidden by the plaid body pillow) and my husband's favorite chair. A room for relaxing (and enjoying the MONSTER a/c unit in the window!)

11 year old and her computer in it's new home on one side of the living room. (I'm interrupting her Netflix. Although this is the look I get most days. *sigh*)

The 9 year old and her games. She's across a very large (20+ft) living room from her sister. Hoping this helps settle some of the "tight quarters" issues we had in the old computer room.

The rest of the living room. The ping pong table will go over toward 11 year old. The TV will go in its' place. (And all the toys and CRAP will get picked up!)

The couch will go back on this wall (where it used to be.) This table will go in the library under the window. Might put a small TV on it (or maybe on the white table.) Can't decide.
This is a new-to-us cabinet that my parents' gave us. We set this up last Friday - and this is what really got us talking about doing "something" with the downstairs.
 I forgot to take pictures of my bedroom - there was a change in there too. But it'll have to wait til next week. Short story - got rid of my TV, flipped the dresser around to hug the foot of the bed (and hold the computer for watching Netflix in bed!) I'll grab a picture later when I've swept and folded clothes :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm glad you're eating some solid food, I think you will see better long-term results that way. Great job on everything, you can do it!

  2. Congrats on the loss and the loose shorts!! Keep up the good work!!