Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mission: Accomplished!

I've had the pesky "2008 Things to Do" in my sidebar since late last year. Since it isn't 2008 after the next few hours, a few things gotta change. That is one of them.

2008 Things to do

  • Read, Read, Read - Done!
  • Start Reading Workshop in my classroom Due to circumstances beyond my control, this one did not happen. I HATE it that I'm not trusted to do what I believe is educationally sound for my students. That's another post.
  • Keep my cool when my daughters push my buttons! Better than in the past.
  • Keep a reading list Done! This will be saved to a Word document for posterity. I've counted the number of titles! Are you ready? I read 155 different books this year, not including re-reads of old books. Wow!
So, all in all, this has been a successful year. My new goals for 2009 are in the sidebar now. Let's see if 2009 is as good to me as 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!

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