Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like....

cold and sickness season! Around here anyway. Everywhere you look - medicine bottles, boxes of tissues, *used* tissues, cough drops, and nebulizer parts.

I'm feeling much better. My last dose of Prednisone will be tonight. I think I've successfully beaten this cold.

Erin has a sinus infection and will be on a z-pack for 3 days. Thankfully, no fever - just icky nose and snot.

Keith is recovering from the same bug as the rest of us. He is still sucking on cough drops but seems to be recovering well.

Katy - poor Katy. She has her 6th and 7th ear infections since September! She is on a 10 day course of super-drugs as well as nebulizer treatments every 4 hours for the cough. Her doctor and I think she may be developing asthma symptoms. We'll see how the treatments work and go from there.

And the kicker is - Katy will be getting tubes in her ears sometime in early 2009. She has an appointment with an ENT for January 16. I'd better put that day off into the system ASAP, so my principal knows I'll be gone. No way will I miss a major doctor's appointment like that!

Anyway, aside from the sickness around here, we're gearing up for Christmas! I'm going to start cooking this evening - and all day tomorrow too. I'd like to have as much done as possible before Christmas day!

I'll post tomorrow with details of our feast and festivities!

Happy Holidays Y'all!!

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