Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is my chance....

to organize the kitchen to within an inch of its life!

But now that the opportunity is here, I'm stuck on where to start. I tweeted my dilemma, but now I'm hoping to get more input if I give more details (and pictures!)

We'll start with pictures since I'm very visual :)

And here is a cheezy floorplan I made in Paint. To give an idea of the layout, it is a funky shaped room. Forgot the window over the sink. And it goes without saying, it isn't to scale :)

There are 2 fridges in the pictures.  Only the one in the floor plan will stay.  There might also be a brown cabinet and doggie stuff in the pictures. That will all go. I'm left with the items in the plan.  The fridge currently blocks off a door to the back porch that we don't use.  We'd like to keep it blocked, either with the fridge or our chest freezer (currently in the basement.)

There are open shelves on either side of the window/sink. They aren't well utilized, what are your ideas?!?!?!

There is no pantry, so food has to go in cupboards.  Most of our dishes are kept in the dining room in a cabinet.  I need storage and organization ideas for all the other stuff: food, pots/pans, crock pots, cooking utensils, etc.

Help! My previous kitchen was TINY and organization wasn't an issue - you just put things where there was room, lol.  This kitchen needs to be husband proof and kid proof - I've got an almost-ten year old and a seven-and-a-half year old.

And the caveat(s):
  • free is good (we're so broke, it ain't funny)
  • not in the mood to paint (it isn't about looks, it is about function)
  • rearranging is fine if it leads to more function
  • FREE!!!!!
Thanks for your help! I'll post more pictures after :)

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