Thursday, December 23, 2010

Save Me!

From myself.  Seriously, the stress of everything is driving me to eat.  One night it was chocolate frosting on graham crackers. One afternoon it was the rest of the lava cake. Another was chocolate chip cookies.  Chips will do in a pinch, as will just about anything else (cheese, crackers, old Halloween candy)  I dread making Christmas cookies with the girls - more to nibble.  My self-control is gone.  Stress -->Eating-->Not loosing weight and feeling crappier about myself.

I know what needs to be done. Exercise. But I'm just feeling so relaxed and lazy that I can't face it.  But I know I've got to...

Anyone out there fighting the same battle? Should I torture my daughters and make them do it with me? *evil cackle* Anyone out there willing to be an exercise buddy? (Since mine is out of town and moving out)

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