Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cardboard Box Diet: Week 11! #cbdiet

Short weeks are just as bad as regular weeks. We've got 5 days of stuff to cram into 4 days. This week has been extra fun - computer testing for 2 days in the mornings and 3 afternoons of... P.U.B.E.R.T.Y. Class!!! (That was hilarious and probably worth a post of its own.)
  • Weigh-in: 10lbs to go - 15lbs lost. I'm finally giving in and saying my new plateau seems to be reached. over the last few weeks, I've varied about 3lbs give or take. I'm finally seeing a consistent lower number - that puts me at 10lbs to my goal!! I had really wanted to be at my goal by next weekend... but at least I'm close!
  • Exercise/Physical Activity completed:  I did not exercise last Thursday or Monday due to the holiday. Then on Tuesday I was laid low by The Headache of Doom - it lasted from Monday until Sometime yesterday afternoon. I exercised some on Tuesday but had to quit class early. I survived class on Wednesday AND today (Thursday.) So only 2.5 workouts this week instead of 3 or 4. But at least it is SOMETHING!
  • Average Sleep per night: still about 7 hours on week nights and 10 hours+ on the weekends. We are working on a solution to get me MORE SLEEP during the week so I'm not so run down and exhausted.
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: I've tightened up on my snacking some although I've still had a few treats. My guilty pleasure has actually been having juice again. I went almost a week without any - no money to go buy fresh fruit is definitely a drawback to this "diet."
  • Success story: I joined My FitnessPal last week. I've used it some. I'm hoping I'll have time to explore it and play while I'm at the BEACH in 9 days.
  • Recipe(s): Meals are improved right now because I've got a kitchen full of groceries! This weekend I'm going to make some of these breakfast cookies. They look YUMMY!
  • Photo: Forgive me but it is going to be another Pinterest find. I just love this. I could stare at her allllll day long. Perfect. (Supposedly a pin-up from the 50's. OMG she looks like a WOMAN. With CURVES.) I was obviously born in the wrong decade. Does anyone else know where there are more pics like this? THIS is the inspiration I need. This is what my body type and frame are meant to look like. Not a stick in a magazine.


  1. Here's some celebrity inspiration ... especially Christina Hendricks!!

  2. Those cookies look tasty. Also, congratulations on your weight loss because that is pretty awesome. I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad headache. Those are the worst :(

  3. Breakfast cookies?!?! Must try! Hang in there, you're doing great!