Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Bits of Blog-Worthiness

Not much happening around here.

Katy is having her tubes put in on Tuesday so hopefully no more ear infections, ever.

I had a cute girl chat me up in the bus rider line Friday after school. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Sit criss cross please, I don't want to trip on your feet.
Girl: What is that? (points to my clothes)
Me: That is a sash, see I'm using it as a belt. (Friday was "Go Red" day and I was wearing a red shirt and belt.)
Girl: Cool! I like that. You've got real fashion sense!
Me: Thanks! I wish I'd had some red shoes to wear too.
Girl: Yes! That would have looked GREAT!

This conversation just made me crack up! She was so, so serious the whole time!

Big new about Katy coming tomorrow - I must get the camera cord back from a certain someone first!

Happy Monday everyone!

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