Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here I go again

falling off into the "Blog-muda Triangle." Sorry, as always there has been a lot going on at home, school, and with friends. The home the usual but the friend stuff is hard. I can't blog about it since it isn't happening to me.

I can find an exact date but now (or recently) it is National De-Lurking Week. I have a dilemma. How can you ask readers to de-lurk when you haven't got any readers?

For future posterity, de-lurk now please :) If not for me, then for my future readers who will say, "Boy, she sure didn't have a "following" early on, did she?" And for this cute graphic:

1 comment:

  1. yeah for followers you don't even know about! :) so fun. yes, tomorrow is the big day.. nervous, but excited.
    as far as computers. we ended up getting a Dell. mostly because we found out my husbands company offered 10% off Dell computers... we went with a desktop, not really want we wanted, but more what we could afford... I tried to talk my husband into the fun green laptop, but yeah.. that didn't happen! :)