Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall TV

So, in an effort to lighten the mood around here, whatcha watching on TV these days?  I've gotten hooked on Criminal Minds (Thanks A&E!) and NCIS (Thanks USA!) I like watching these shows in syndication - they are constantly running marathons (great for exercising to at the YMCA) and I almost always have a "new" show to watch.  This works out well for me, as a teacher - shows to watch and papers to grade.

I'm also thoroughly addicted to Mythbusters.  That season starts tonight! So does Criminal Minds.  So my DVD recorder is set.  NCIS is on Tuesdays, no conflicts.  I'm also enjoying Bones, thanks to TNT marathons. That season doesn't start on Fox until November 3rd.  Although I'm excited by the promos - Bones and Booth finally got together, now I'm hooked into seeing where they end up!

I also have rediscovered that I like CSI (Las Vegas!) with characters other than Grissom (shocker.)  I've been watching reruns of that and enjoyed the premiere with Ted Danson last week.

So, do you see the pattern that I see? Crime/murder shows and science/techy stuff I could use at school.

What are you watching this fall?  Anything I should try out? I've got Mondays and Fridays open, as well as Saturdays and Sundays. I don't stay up late but I can record stuff.  Gimme some ideas! Please?

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