Sunday, August 21, 2011

End of Summer Highlights

This has been quite a summer! We've kept busy and the girls didn't mangle each other too badly.  However, EVERYONE has been grumpy the last few days.  So much so that I'm more than ready to be back at school!  I'm tired of doing things for everyone and tired of negotiating everyone's battles.  The girls are on each others' last nerve.  Annoying things aside, we've had a great summer.  Here are some recent highlights:

 Lots of self portraits this summer. The girls have discovered photography - WATCH OUT!

Several marathon games of Mono-poly (Katy's silly.)

Harry Potter Night!

A few lost teeth!

Don't ask. Just don't.

It was a good summer but I'm glad it's done.  What did you do this summer?

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