Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy Days

We've gotten back into a routine now, after 2 weeks at the beach. Those were wonderful, idyllic weeks... I've got a lot of pictures to share.

For now, we've got a bunch of things to do. I'm in my final week of freedom. Erin is going to the eye doctor tomorrow. We are going bowling and having a pizza dinner on Thursday. Sunday we are going to make try #2 to go to the water park. And that finishes my summer!

Next week I'll be in staff development all week. I'm very excited about this, as I got to choose my classes. I'll be learning about EOG strategies, Content area writing, Formative Assessment, and Quest Atlantis. Then I have a Friday and Monday free to do whatever (which means NOTHING!) and Tuesday starts my meetings.

The girls have until 8/25... lucky ducks!

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