Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Plans

We are busy making summer plans. The girls want to go to the waterpark, I'm looking forward to the beach, DH wants the beach as well. We're also planning to visit my parents over 4th of July weekend, as my mom is running in a race.

We're also going to "do school" as the girls say. They have learned so much this year and I don't want them to backslide. We'll read a lot and go to the library once a week. The girls have asked to have "flip-a-cards" at home! How funny is that! Considering they haven't flipped a single card ALL YEAR!

Which reminds me, DH and I would like to get them something special for this accomplishment - any ideas? We can't decide what would be appropriate! We never dreamed they'd do it, even though they have talked about it all year. Ideas needed please!

On that note, I'm off to eat chocolate and vegetate. Catch you later!

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